"I am so fortunate to have found Shelley and her service "Hiking Hounds Dog Walking Service". She comes to my office and picks up my two Border Collies and takes them for two hour hikes two to three times a week or however many times I require, rain, wind, or shine...my dogs LOVE her and I find she adjusts their activities and walk environment to their needs that particular day...she is careful and diligent, she reports on the walk when they get back and I receive wonderfully tired, happy and content doggies...I highly recommend Shelley for all your high energy dogs....you will not be disappointed!!! "

Chris McKay

"And we thought our one year old border collie had energy! Shelley approaches every day with enthusiasm and laughter.
We know Kootenay gets love attention and most of all tons of exercise!

I told Koot last night he was going to see Mac and Razz tomorrow.  His eyes light up and his ears perk up, just like he knew exactly what I was saying.   They are so intelligent.  Sometimes it's a disadvantage as they manipulate us.
It's nice to hear how you guys/gals spent the day.  Thanks for taking the time to communicate that.  Gosh, how I wish I could join you.  Sure beats a stuffy, noisy, stressful office.  Thanks for being "the best dog walker in the world" and bringing home our sweet little bundles of fur clean and smelling fresh.  You offer great service Shelley.  Our noses thank you too!"

Steve and Gail

"Shelley is an absolute godsend for working people with long working hours.  With the pick up and drop off as part of her service it is no extra burden for busy working people who want their dogs to have a full and happy life.

I have walked with Shelley numerous times with my dogs and her clients.  They are so happy to be off-leash - you can tell by looking at them and I am sure the owners can attest to how tired they are when they get home.  This is not the same as a dog being walked on-leash.  During those long rainy winter months you can rest assured your dog has had enough exercise that day so you don't have to go out in the dark after a long day at work.  What could be nicer than that!
Shelley caters to their needs, if they are old she walks on a flat dyke and if they are wild they go far and high and long to give them a chance to get their "ya, yas" out. She is truly a wonderful caregiver and any owner can rest at ease knowing their dog is in Shelley's loving and caring hands.

There is no one in Abbotsford who I would recommend higher - she limits the number of dogs per walk for individual attention and safety.   I wouldn't let my dogs go anywhere else, I have total piece of mind when they are with Shelley."

Sue Bridger

"I don't what I would do without Shelley and her Hiking Hounds Dog Walking Service!! She is a lifesaver! Extremely accommodating, always friendly and able to help out in a flash. My dog Loki loves her and can't wait to get in to the great outdoors when he sees the white mini-van pull up in the driveway. Shelley is very reliable, dependable and proficient with her handling of the dogs in a group during their off-leash walks. Being the mother of an "only dog", I wouldn't trust just anyone with his well-being; she treats Loki as if he were one of her brood. Thanks Shelley!!"

Constable Kirsten Collins

"Have you ever seen a tired, exhausted but extremely happy border collie? I have. But not until I started having Piper walked with Shelley from Hiking Hounds in Abbotsford.

We got home from work that first day, made dinner, sat down to eat and panicked because Piper wasn't in her usual spot looking up at us with big brown begging eyes. We looked around for her and found her....fast asleep! She was too tired to beg!!

Since she started doing regular daily walks with Shelley she calmed down and relaxed much more easily with us in the evenings.

And I would get regular email updates, with pictures, from Shelley too, showing me what a wonderful adventure they were having on a daily basis!

For anyone who feels guilty about leaving their fur kids at home...get on the horn to Shelley and let someone who will love your pups almost as much as you do, take them on fun, tiring hikes that will ensure the time spent with them in the evenings is quality time!"

Erin Moore


"Allowing dogs to just be dogs!"